Olive Rosemary Focaccia

Rs. 119

Our Signature offering is this extremely light and fluffy focaccia bread, topped with black olives, rosemary, and pure olive oil.
A sprinkle of sea salt gives it that signature savoury flavour.
Chewy, fluffy, herby, salty.

Ingredients: Refined Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast, Black Olives, Rosemary.

Made With Love
Hand Rolled
All our products are rolled by hand, with a lot of tender loving care. This ensures that every single piece gets the attention it deserves. Each and every bite will make your taste buds tingle.
Morning Routine
Freshly Baked
Every single morning, the air is awash with the aroma of freshly baked goodies! We bake everything made to order, hence freshness is 100% guaranteed.

Vacuum Magic
Hygienically Packed
Our proprietary vacuum packaging technology gives us a shelf life of 15 days without any preservatives or chemicals.
Super Fast
Swiftly Delivered
Our courier partners work around the clock to get your order to you within 48-72 hours! Please note, some orders might take 96 hours to be delivered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Its true Focaccia! but little expensive compared to others for similar quality

Joseph Seba

It was very scrumptious to bite into.

Rajiv Patil
Nice and fluffy

Tried the product Olive Rosemary. It was good in taste, fluffy in texture and soft.

Revised advice, it is very good

My first advice was quite negative, based on a purchase from a shop.
I have ordered the Focaccia directly from Crozzo, and there were no issues at all with the quality of the oil, the quality was very good.
I confirm the true Italian Focaccia is half the thickness, at least in the regions at the North of Italy, maybe in other regions is different. To eat this Focaccia you need to cut it with a knife before, but in Italy the Focaccia is eat in bites, no need of knifes, because is thin.
To exalt the taste, I suggest heating it in an Airfrier for 4 minutes.
However, it is very good and by sure it is the best Italian Focaccia you can found in Mumbai.

Uttam Kumar

It's good

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