Valentine's Pain Au Chocolat - Single Piece

Rs. 139

The Ruby Red, Rosso version of our epic Pain Au Chocolat, this is sure to get your significant other super excited.
Gift it to a lover or a potential lover. See the turn-tables turn in your favour.
Makes for a great gift. Or, don't conform to societal norms and gift it to yourself. Best form of self love.
Unique, quirky, edgy, fun.

Ingredients: Refined Wheat Flour, Water, Butter, Sugar, Yeast, Salt, Red Food Colouring (Beetroot Extract)

Made With Love
Hand Rolled
All our products are rolled by hand, with a lot of tender loving care. This ensures that every single piece gets the attention it deserves. Each and every bite will make your taste buds tingle.
Morning Routine
Freshly Baked
Every single morning, the air is awash with the aroma of freshly baked goodies! We bake everything made to order, hence freshness is 100% guaranteed.

Vacuum Magic
Hygienically Packed
Our proprietary vacuum packaging technology gives us a shelf life of 15 days without any preservatives or chemicals.
Super Fast
Swiftly Delivered
Our courier partners work around the clock to get your order to you within 48-72 hours! Please note, some orders might take 96 hours to be delivered.

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Valentine's Pain Au Chocolat - Single Piece

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